Bridgette - Uncropped


Drawing commission done by Laura Lake

Bridget Liang is a mixed raced (Eurasian), disabled, neurodiverse, fat trans fangirl. They use “they/them” and “ta/tade” pronouns. Ta came into their queerness in Hamilton Ontario and co-founded RADAR Youth Group at the LGBTQ Wellness Centre (the Well), the first queer group in a high school in Hamilton, and were instrumental in the passing of an equity policy in the HWDSB.

They have worked for a number of queer/trans organizations and groups in both in Hamilton and Toronto. Ta has completed their MA in Critical Disability Studies at York University and are involved with community research, fan fic culture, creative writing, workshop and group facilitation, and doing performance art.

Bridget’s area of focus are in:

queer and trans issues

disability issues

writing and performative workshops

organizational policy/structure re: diversity

fan fiction

desirability politics

Bridget can be hired to do workshops for your organization/group or as a consultant by their email b.jianjian(at)gmail(dot)com

Their suggested rates are:

$100/h for a workshop + travel (if outside of Toronto)

$50/h for a panel discussion + travel (if outside of Toronto)

$50/h for consultation work

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